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MG C comes, Cooper goes..

Subject: MG C comes, Cooper goes..
From: Jouke Bloem <>
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 19:58:51 +0200

Short introduction: Jouke Bloem, 25 year old male, Mini nutter, classic
car entusiast, living in Leeuwarden in the north of The Netherlands.

I am about to trade my 1991 Mini Cooper in for an MG C GT. Not that I
don't like the Mini any more but it is time for something new. Several
people looked at the car and it seems to be a good example. The time has
come to close the deal. I sure will miss the Mini and the mini mailing
list but life goes on... :-) I read a lot about the car and even after
all these years many authors judge the car negative but I don't mind,
what do you think?

It is an 1969 GT, imported from the US some time ago, pale primrose
yellow, not completely original but in good state for every day use.
Price around 25.000 Dutch guilders.

One question is about the tires. The car now has four different ones
that need replacement. I want tires that look original (not toooo wide)
and which give the best possible handling. Who can give me some good
advice at this point. Please mention type and measures.

Currently the car is not equiped with seatbelts is it easy to install
them aftherwarts? What about headrests?

It will be the first time I drive an MG myself and also the first real
classic. Because the car has had a good technical check that is not the
main worry. What I want to find out is if the car performs and handles
as it should. Can you give me some points of attention?

Finally I am new to this list so I would like to know if there are any
people from The Netherlands on this list. I would very much like to hear
from them now or in the future.

Thanks in advance. I will keep you up-to-date about my Mini to MG

Greetings Jouke Bloem
The Netherlands

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