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wheels and boot lock

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Subject: wheels and boot lock
From: glen <>
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 14:09:18 -0500
hey all. today was great. i finally got my front wheel problem figured
out. turns out one of the bearings was installed backwards. reveresed
them, put everything back together and the rotors landed dead centre in
the caliper slot. no more rubbing. yeah!!!

now for another question:
a few years back while i was working on the midgit, i managed to
misplace my only bootlid key. i'm still kicking myself for not having
had a spare. anyway, i managed to get the lid off by sticking my hand
through the speaker grill and undoing the hinge bolts. i got the
t-handle lock off and i happened to notice that on the square shaft that
fits in the latch, there is a three digit number punched. does anyone
know if this number can be used to cut a new key? any ideas?

thanx a bunch!
glen christian

'66 mg midgit

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