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Re: Carlisle

Subject: Re: Carlisle
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 15:02:53 EDT
       It was you who I had the pleasure to stand behind at the Steak 
Sandwich line at Carlisle on Saturday around 12-12:30, I saw I person wearing 
a "Spridgets list shirt", and thought, What the heck do I have to do with a 
Spridget, and it was nice of them to have a list too at Boy was I 
ever mistaken,  I should have tapped you on the shoulder and gave the dumb 
question, " Hey are you on the List too?"  I had a home made list tag that 
had MGB V8 on it and my e-mail names and real name. So you were recognized as 
being there. But I didn't realize Your shirt may have pertained to me in some 
way. As I had missed the meeting, like others have too. I was busy talking to 
people looking at our cars on the field. Thinking the meeting was at 12pm, 
when I found no one I went for lunch, And found ( Or should I say they found 
me) David D, Mike Robson and company stuffing their faces and asked me to 
join. Which, since I was wasting away to nothing walking all around, I 
decided was the right thing to do?
So Maybe Next time I may ask that Question
Jim Brucato
1980 MGB V8 ,,,, Would love a new set of Seat Belts,,, curtesy of ROVER
1964 MGB           Sleeping in NJ  awaiting the Money fairy to make a 
donation to it's                                                   rebirth, 
as my V8 eats all of mine at the moment.

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