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Hinky Twinkie

Subject: Hinky Twinkie
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 20:21:54 EDT
I just got back from the All British Field Meet in Vancouver and met up with 
a friend that had previously restored and then sold a Twincam.

He was showing a Twincam roadster from which a previous owner had sold the 
wheels and suspension (I think I probably have the bits in my garage, he said 
guiltily). It had wire wheels, the preference of that short sighted earlier 
owner, and of course lacked the correct engine. So what this chap did was 
graft a Toyota 1800 cc twincam into it, which he did without cutting 
anything.  It fires at the first turn (a benefit of a modern engine 
management system) and likely gets better mileage than the original, as well 
as having around 140 bhp.  Very interesting......

Bill Spohn
(who took a Jensen as his Mk2 Coupe was still hors de combat)

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