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B update and questions (again, and long again)

Subject: B update and questions (again, and long again)
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 00:52:22 GMT
Hi all concerned,

I spent the afternoon working on the B, removed the passenger seat
(driver's seat is already out) in order to install the parking brake cable,
and because I'll need it out for new carpets anyway. (Am I missing a trick,
or is it just a PITA to take those seats out?) Whatever type of screw that
was on the  parking brake cable clip on the battery box, I got annoyed with
it and drilled it out, and will replace it with something more conventional
(was that the dread posidrive? Nothing I had fit it properly). Another
note: If I was reading the Haynes correctly, they advised removing the
actual handbrake lever from the car to replace the cable. Why? It seemed
like everything went on fine from underneath, but if I screwed something up
by not doing so, let me know. It seemed to me the only reason to take the
seat out was to make access to that little cable fitting "L section" nut
easier (or possible?)

I also removed most of the leftover Z/S plumbing. I wanted to remove the
air pump, but after I got both bolts out, it still wouldn't come off. I
think a sleeve for the long bolt has frozen in an inward position at the
rear, and so there isn't enough clearance to lift it off, and not much room
to tap on it either. I sprayed it down with oil and will try again tomorrow
with a drift; at worst I'll have to replace the thermostat cover at the
same time as the thermostat when I do that job, in order to get the air
pump off of there.

Bodywork is also coming along, almost all of the minor spots are done and
primed, with the patch panels remaining, and I plan to start fitting those
tomorrow, and hope to get a buddy to weld them in two or three weeks time.

I also did an SU bad the other day; you may recall my hope that I could
straighten the throttle levers that a PO had "bent to fit"... SNAP! Oh
well, I'll be ordering new ones from Moss tonight, and they're not that
expensive. Maybe I'll have all new carbs "one piece at a time". (Johnny
Cash fans may now sing if they wish).

I have a good ache all over from this afternoon's work; if there is a Zen
to motorcycle maintenance, could there be a T'ai Ch'i to MGing?

78 B

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