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Re: '58 MGA Worth - Need Help!

To: "Art Pfenninger" <>,
Subject: Re: '58 MGA Worth - Need Help!
From: "Bill Wilson" <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 06:32:16 -0700
I purchased a 59 A Rdstr in December that was parked in a garage in 1972.  I
haven't done anything with it yet, but the engine turns over and  it is all
there including original clean upholstery and an ugly hard top.  I paid
$2,500.  in Southern California and was very pleased.

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From: Art Pfenninger <>
To: Kevin Brown <>
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Date: Sunday, May 23, 1999 7:18 AM
Subject: Re: '58 MGA Worth - Need Help!

>If the frame is solid (check especially the part that sticks out outwards
>near the doors) and the body is not a complete rust bucket then I would go
>upwards of around $3000. The engine would be cheap to fix, unless the
>crankshaft were so bad that it couldn't be repaired. The rest of the parts
>seem to be there and you can get enough back selling extra parts to held
>defray your initial cost. Any B engine will fit but things like the back
>plate and starter need to be to be
>changed on some. There is a lot of
>information out there to do it
>On Sat, 22 May 1999, Kevin Brown wrote:
>> I just got back from looking at fairly rough '58 MGA convertible and
>> wondered if someone could give me and idea of what it might be worth.
>> The car has been stored inside for many years.  The car is complete. One
>> front fender is dinged up a little, but the other panels look pretty
>> good and there is a good used fender (to replace the dinged up one) as
>> well as an extra hood, doors and trunk, all in good condition.  There is
>> some surface rust, where the previous owner had sanded some paint off
>> and left it.  The head is off the engine (but with the car) so the
>> engine is probably locked up, but all the parts are there.  There is
>> also an extra block and head included.  The interior is shot, but all
>> the instruments are there and the glass is good.  The bumpers and grill
>> need replacing.  The car has steel wheels as well as a spare wire wheel
>> rear axle assembly.
>> I really don't know what this might be worth.  If it were an early 'B I
>> would say maybe $400 or $500, but given the higher cost for the 'As, I
>> would guess that with the extra body panels the car would be worth $1000
>> or so.  I really don't want to pay over what it might be worth in parts
>> in case it turns out later to be more than what I want to deal with.
>> Thanks for your help.
>> Also, in case both engines are shot -- can a 'B engine be installed in
>> an 'A?  Would it have to be a three main bearing engine.
>> Kevin Brown   '64 MGB  '71 MGB
>> Odessa, MO

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