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Re: '58 MGA Worth - Need Help!

To: Kevin Brown <>
Subject: Re: '58 MGA Worth - Need Help!
From: Larry Dickstein <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 08:24:42 -0500
 Kevin Brown wrote:

> I just got back from looking at fairly rough '58 MGA convertible and
> wondered if someone could give me and idea of what it might be worth.
> The car has been stored inside for many years.  The car is complete. One
> front fender is dinged up a little, but the other panels look pretty
> good and there is a good used fender (to replace the dinged up one) as
> well as an extra hood, doors and trunk, all in good condition.
> Kevin Brown   '64 MGB  '71 MGB
> Odessa, MO

    This is a tough one!!  If I understand you correctly, the car will need
to have everything done but everything is there?  If the car is assembled
then it is far easier to make sure everything is there.  If it is in "kit"
form, then be very careful.   The little parts you need to source are the
    If everything is really there, then figure up what it might take to make
it right.  As you know, the body repair is the expensive part, followed
closely by rechroming.  It is cheaper to do many engines than fix rust
correctly.  After you figure up what you will have in it, then add 50% for
the little stuff that you didn't figure on the first time.
    My experience has been that even if someone gives you the car, you will
have way "more than it's worth" in the car when it is done.  I usually lose
2-3 thousand dollars per car when I'm done and eventually sell it.  That's
figuring my time at .10/hour and not figuring thousands of miles to Victoria
    Finally, in answer to your question, I don't know.  I redo these things
for the "gee whiz" factor and not for the resale value.  You simply cannot
recover your money (some folks say investment--ya right!) when you redo
these things.  That's why, for instance, a gold level Concours Austin Healey
sells for 40K + or -.  To have one done to those standards costs over 50K+
at the professional places.
    Really finally this time-figure out what you are going to do w/ the
car.  If you need a project and have the money, then go for it if the car is
in your budget.  If you want a really nice MGA ( and who wouldn't?)  the
easiest and cheapest route is to find one already done right.  It will be
lots cheaper to buy one done right and ready to go than building one
    Since that didn't really answer your question, I have one.  Where do you
live in Odessa?  It's just down the road from here.

Larry Dickstein
Lone Jack, MO

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