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Re: engine dies

To: Bill Howard <>
Subject: Re: engine dies
From: Susan and John Roper <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 12:11:35 -0500
Bill, I would look for fuel starvation, probably a clogged filter, but could
also be in the tank.  Failing that, heat related electronic ignition failure if
so equipped, though I would have expected a longer cool down time to restart.

Bill Howard wrote:

> Hi,
>         77 MGB professionally restored, normally it runs nicely through the
> gears with plenty of power.  Lately, at about 65 MPH, any further
> pressure on the accelerator is periodically met with hesitation and in
> some cases a stall.  Seems to be an intermittant problem but it occurs
> at least once or twice per day of driving 50 miles.  After a stall, I
> have been able to restart with a downshift but in the majority of cases,
> I end up on the side of the road for about five minutes (attempts to
> restart immediately are met with ignition then stuttering then the
> engines dies - the accelerator has no effect).  After five minutes I can
> restart and be on my way.
>         With the engine off and the igntion key on, the fuel pump keeps
> chattering away for as long as I keep the key on; although, no fuel
> leaks are apparent.  Thought the pump was supposed to slow down or stop
> pumping when it reached pressure.
>         At first, I thought there was a load of bad fuel; however, I should
> have been past that by now and the problem persists and it is getting
> worse.
>         So far these stalls only have occurred in fourth gear at speed. The
> engine has no difficulty reving to over 3K in any other gear with no
> signs of a problem.
> Your thoughts please - Bill

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