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MGB Windbreak DIY design progress (longish solicitation for encouragemen

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Subject: MGB Windbreak DIY design progress (longish solicitation for encouragement/ideas)
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 18:54:08 -0500
We had a discussion a while back about designing a DIY windbreak (commercial
ones are $150+) and I've been doing some design and materiel shopping for
this project. This has taken on a new importance and interest since on a
recent long highway drive home the SO demanded that I pull over and put the
top up because she just couldn't put up with the buffeting any longer (now
that I HAVE a new top to put up, hehe). It was a windy day, and
well....anyway...I'd like to drive fast without being beaten about the head
and shoulders and still enjoy top down ventilation.
I thought I'd update those interested and solicit some brain assistance.
My original idea was to design a screen that would bolt onto a tonneax bar
(I don't have a tonneax bar now), but upon doing the measurements, I
realized that this would have to be a custom job since my seat is leaned way
back -- further than the line where the tonneaux bar would run behind my
I went to Lowe's and lo and behold, they have a large assortment of aluminum
pieces and Lucite in sheets of various sizes. As it happens, they're right
next to each other..for custom making windows!
So...I started thinking. Problem is...I'm no engineer, mechanical OR
aerodynamic or otherwise, so I'm in dangerous territory!;) At least now I
know the project can be done for less than $30, and it can be done with
aluminum and I'm even thinking about trimming it with black leather that
I've found at a flea market, so a well thought out design that LOOKS good is
doable and should be pretty easy with common tools. The beauty of DIY is
that I can hopefully engineer in some nice things like having it fold down,
as well as fit right into the tonneax bar slots, unlike the commercial
versions that attach to the headrests.

If anyone is interested on working on a collaborative design, I can send you
the Powerpoint(97, I can convert to .gif or whatever if needed) "plans" that
I've developed so far and I'd really like some critique and input from a
structural standpoint. Number 1 question I have is:  Is Plexiglass (Lucite)
the correct material for the body of the screen? I know that most of the
modern ones are made of actual screening material in a frame, which allows
some airflow...hmmm..Those who have modern roadsters with these contraptions
could contribute significantly to this project, I think.
At least the final results will hopefully be a good thing to offer people on
the list. I have no desire to make any money on this, just a need to
implement some ingenuity to solve a problem.
73 B
Journalism major / Army Officer trying to be a mech engineer...:)

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