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Re: V-8 ??? & $$$

Subject: Re: V-8 ??? & $$$
From: Jurgen Hartwig <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 20:03:28 -0400 wrote:
> Well now that i have a 78 b im really dieing to make it a screaming machine
> so just how much should i expect it to cost.  I & some friends would do all
> the work .  Im looking for recomedations on engines trans etc to do this
> little venture.

Only one post about this Ray.  Get on the V8 mailing list. You'll get
about one message a month, and you'll wonder why you put up with the
drivel on the mgs list. :)

Oh, cost:  Mike and I have about $7500 in our car.  That cost is for
parts only, and $2k in machine work and engine parts.  If you're in a
hurry or can't stand used parts, double or triple that price.  Engines:
most of the Rover 3.5 and larger engines.  Tranny: the T-5 is a good
choice.  There is also a V8 conversion BBS from out of England.  It is
incredible.  Also, check out RPI Engineering.  This is a very good
company.  Prices are respectable, and they even have short and long
blocks at very competitive prices, shipping excluded.

Contact me in private about other things.   I don't want to blitz the
list with this stuff.  We have converted Porsche rotors for use with the
MG hub. Four wheel disc brakes.  Considering full independent at all
four corners with coilovers.  Once it starts you just can't stop.


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