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Re: Front License Plate Removal 77B

To: "Proudfoot, Andrew" <proudfa@NAVCANADA.CA>
Subject: Re: Front License Plate Removal 77B
From: Bill Saidel <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 99 8:17:20 EDT
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> Fellow MG'rs  
> Once again I find myself needing assistance. How is the front plate
> attached to a 77B? Mine has two long bolts/screws attached through the
> center of the front mount. I fear that inside the bumper there are two
> captive nuts? My bolts are stripped, or so it seems, but they do loosen
> a significant amount- enough to move around (within the hole sideways,
> up and down). Perhaps these are wing nuts?
> If the nut falls into the bumper interior then I shall be cursed
> eternally as a DPO, because, I can't see how they would come out or go
> back in.
> I only wish to remove the plate for cleaning of the bumper which is in
> pretty good shape anyway. It is not a necessity but am I missing
> something here? In Nfld. we don't require a F/P anymore and it would be
> nice to see how she looks without it. I would put black plugs in the
> holes but would like to be able to replace the plate if I wish.
> Did you remove yours Preston? or do you have one?
> Best Wishes & Safety Fast
> Andy Proudfoot 77B
> Gander, Newfoundland

        In NJ, we are required to have front and back plates. I put the front
plate BEHIND the front rubber bumper of my '76B but sticking out from below. 
unreadable from in front...) I found 2 preexisting holes of the appropriate
distance. If you look at the Moss catalog, p. 47, upper left, item #8, you'll
see the 2 holes. It worked and it did not disturb the "clean lines of the
front bumper."

Good driving!


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