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A digesters digest

Subject: A digesters digest
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 12:58:11 -0400
          Fortunately, the digest allows me to keep up with the list - more 
          or less.  Here is my own 'drivel' digest of stuff - some 
          responses and some requests. 
          1. Carlisle - Missed most of the folks on the list but was able 
          to make the "let's poke fun at Scott Hower's almost perfect 
          restoration" session.  Scott, nice car - really - and thanks for 
          the C filter and tach.  DD let me drive his 76 around the grounds 
          - very nice - like rails with power.  I was able to pick up an 
          Amco center console, with clock, for $15 for the C.   Also picked 
          up a bunch of body panels for the eventual restoration of my 69 
          B.  This is the second time that I've only been able to make it 
          to Carlisle on a Friday (excluding my misadventure of showing up 
          a Friday too early this year).  Next year I'm camping out and 
          staying for Friday/Saturday.  
          2. On Sunday, I converted my 76B to a dual SU setup.  I did not 
          realize that the 76 intake and exhaust manifold are all one piece 
          - my 77B had a two piece manifold.  I almost tried to pry the 
          76's intake manifold off with a crowbar, thinking it was stuck, 
          while the ends of the exhaust manifold were still bolted on!  
          Anyway, after the conversion I fired the 76 up and it is pulsing 
          - it's going from 3,500 rpm to near stall and back.  Also there 
          is some gas coming out from the float overflow but there does not 
          seem to be a float problem (e.g., no gas leaking when the 
          ignition is on - only when engine is running).  Also, when the 
          idle does settle down it is idling very fast (3,000 rpm) and I 
          cannot adjust it down (any further).  I'm thinking that the fuel 
          pump may be cranking out more than the 2-3 psi needed.  Anyone 
          ever hear of or have this problem?  Any suggestions as to next 
          3. The 77B has an electrical problem that I cannot track down.  
          I'm almost ready to part this one out.  There is an obvious short 
          somewhere but I'll be damned if I can find it.  It started out of 
          the blue and fried the voltage regulator.  I replaced the VR 
          thinking that this had malfunctioned but the same problem 
          occurred.  Now I have found that the brown wire coming from the 
          ignition area is melted.  Any ideas or more common problems to 
          look for?  Ah, what the hell - anyone looking for 77B parts? 
          4. Dan R. - for the windbreaker I seem to recall hearing that you 
          can use a pair of very large pantyhose stretched across the roll 
          bar as a windbreak.  Seems simple enough to actually work and I 
          plan on trying it as soon as I get that roll bar in (Let's see, 
          that'd be # 2,482 on the to do list).
          5. Jouke - welcome to the list - And of course, your intelligence 
          and good taste have been affirmed by the MG model you've 
          selected.  The C is a great car!  As for tires, 15 inch x 165 x 
          70 is what I am running - don't know if that makes sense to you 
          in metric land but it is pretty much the stock tire size.  Others 
          will have varying opinions and YMMV.  BTW, I'm not from the 
          Netherlands but could stand an occasional weekend visit there 
          every so often.
          6. One last thing, Larry M. - I have a sawzall you can borrow to 
          buzz cut the top off that 24K jalopy prize.  Have to keep your 
          chin up and your top down you know!
          Dr. Doug
          69 C Roaster - major rear engine oil leak
          69 B Roadster - sitting with one floor out awaiting replacement
          76 B Roadster - idilin' fast and pukin' gas
          77 B Roadster - stuck in Lucas land wondering where the smoke 

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