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Re: V-8 ??? & $$$

Subject: Re: V-8 ??? & $$$
From: "Frank Walker" <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 08:42:07 -0700
I am almost finished with my 71B V-8 conversion. I used a 350 chevy with tuned
port injection, T-5 tramsmission, 82 corvette rear suspension, 90 corvette front
suspension, and built a custon frame. the corvette suspension also gave me 4
wheel disk brakes. and the tuned port injection will fit under the stock hood.

here are the prices for major parts:
engine    $400 in parts and machine work. still must buy the heads $900
trans           Free   ( Donation from my dad when he changed his 93 camaro to
an automatic after 150 miles )
rear suspension  $500 complete wheel to wheel
front suspension $75 Without Brakes
fuel injection $150
steel for frame $100
and lots of labor on 05/23/99 04:00:20 PM

Please respond to

cc:    (bcc: Frank Walker/Product Development/Provo/InsurQuote)
Subject:  V-8 ??? & $$$

Well now that i have a 78 b im really dieing to make it a screaming machine
so just how much should i expect it to cost.  I & some friends would do all
the work .  Im looking for recomedations on engines trans etc to do this
little venture.
Ray Huff
4 mgb's no brains but,

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