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Subject: Tappets
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 17:34:27 EDT
<<This was actually, lucky, because when I inspected the tappets, I found 
some pitting, so I replaced all of them.>>

Simon - I regret to tell you that generally once a set of lifters has worn, 
the cam lobes have also worn, and even if they are still close to spec, 
fitting new lifters without regrinding the cam often seems to accelerate the 
Bottom line - you may well have shortened camshaft life. This may not matter 
to you if you don't put many miles on the car.
You can check if you are interested, by putting a dial indicator on the top 
of a valve spring keeper, adjusting the valve lash to as close to zero as you 
can get it, and then measure as you crank the engine around (you can also 
leave the setting alone and subtract or just zero the gauge just as the valve 
starts to move).


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