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Re: CV boots, 77B

Subject: Re: CV boots, 77B
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 17:16:59 EDT
Ummm, just what are you referring to? MGs do not have any 
Constant-Velocity joints (well, maybe an MGF does), and therefore no CV 
boots. CV joints generally are seen on the front half-axles of 
front-wheel-drive cars. Since you seem to be thinking of the front end, I 
suspect that you are referring to the steering rack boots. There won't be 
any grease in there because the rack is filled with gear oil, which has 
doubtless escaped. I am unaware of any temporary aftermarket solutions, 
but you could probably wrap it (loosely) with duct tape just to keep dirt 
out while you're waiting for the new boots to arrive from VB, Moss, 
whatever. I would recommend doing both while you're at it since the 
process might mess up your alignment (to avoid this mark the current 
location of the tie rod ends and lock nuts on the threaded rod, and/or 
carefully count the number of turns as you undo them). They are not 
difficult to replace except for removing the tie rod ends without 
damaging them -- you probably want a puller as opposed to a pickle fork. 
Consult your manual for further details.

Tom McLaughlin had this to say:

>While I was under the car this weekend dealing with the brakes, I
>noticed that one of my CV boots is slit.

Max Heim

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