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V8 conversion Tools

Subject: V8 conversion Tools
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 16:34:07 -0700
        Unless you plan on learning much more about automotive systems I
would suggest getting the conversion done by a specialist.  If you are
intending to convert your 74 MGB I would go further and try to disuade you
from making the conversion.
        Installing a V8 into a B is a substantial undertaking to do right.
Anyone can stuff a big motor in a car.  Getting the braking, handling, gear
ratios, exhaust, etc right so that the car is fun to drive is a lot more
involved.  For a lot of people that is the fun part (myself included).
Without the appropriate tools, money, knowledge, attitude you can easily end
up with another "butchered, accident waiting to happen"(BAWH).  The 74 B is
a sweet little roadster, stock.  Any modifications made to it take it one
step closer to being a BAWH scrap pile.  If you are not ready to make a
conversion correctly, please don't start.  If you are ready to make such a
commitment, plan on learning how to use a MIG welder, oxy/acc gas torch.
Read all the back issues of the V8 newsletter.  Become best friends with all
the V8 conversion nutters (Hi friend).  Be prepared to make choices, cos
no-one does it the same way.  Get to know the speciality companies in town
for TIG welding, cad/chrome plating, drive shaft fabrication etc.
        I have yet to find one company that can supply all the bits that
work together well.  Most parts from different suppliers will conflict as
there is no "one" way to do a conversion.  Converters IMHO tend to be
individualistic, opinionistic b*****ds, and as such are the salt of the
earth.  Take everything you hear or read with the same mineral.  E-mail me
privately and I will happily tell you the correct way to do the
conversion....this week.  Next week, who knows maybe a T5 transmission and
concentric t/o assembly will fall in my lap.

Hope this helps you in your decision.


Accumulating knowledge and greasy bits for two conversions.  

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> Subject: V8 Conversion Tools???
> Other than time, money and patience. What tools and 
> mechanical expertise do 
> you need to do a V8 conversion. If it bolts on I can do it 
> but I have never 
> welded. It seems to me like I would need a torch and a 
> welder. I understand 
> MIG welders are fairly simple to learn but is it sufficient 
> for the job if 
> welding is needed.
> --Mike Quinn
> 74 MGBCB
> 67 Triumph TR4A

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