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Re: Purchase From List Member ;(

Subject: Re: Purchase From List Member ;(
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 20:08:24 EDT
Hi Mike,
I've never had a problem with buying or selling over the list, and while I've 
heard of a few instances, they are inexusable.

I know that this is little comfort to you right now, but all list members 
should conduct themselves with the highest level of integrity. We are all on 
the list to share the experiences and knowledge of our beloved LBC's with 
others and it absolutely frosts me when unscruppulous charlatans take 
advantage of our trusting nature.

IMHO, the only thing that will deter these offenders will be our diligent 
policing of the list for the benefit of all. We should make the rest of the 
list aware of their names. If we do, these people WILL be justly exposed and 
ostracized from the rest of us.

Sorry for the soap box routine.

Bob Stahlbush
66 MGB GHN3L 78708
60 TR3A TS 81398 L

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