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RE: Wanted to buy misc parts in Canada

To: Mark and Pamela <>, MG List <>
Subject: RE: Wanted to buy misc parts in Canada
From: Larry Hoy <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 08:14:34 -0600
> Soft top, mine has a few tears in it

You aren't likely to find a good used one, most used ones look like yours!
Check my web page for venders and give Prestige Auto Trim a call, they have
high quality tops at a reasonable price.

> Tonneau, dont have one at all

See above.

> Dash cap, we all know why

See above, Prestige won't have these.  Check with Moss or ....

> Fuel Pump, it seems its alwas good to have a spare of these

You might consider an alternative to the SU.  Many are cheaper and can be
bought just about anywhere.  Whatever you buy it must deliver less than 3
lbs of pressure.  Remember if the alternative pump is a spare you may need
to use different fittings to install it.  This could be a challenge on the

> Alternator, though i may have found one already

Make sure the spare alternator has the same plug arrangement as the one on
your car.

> Heater fan motor, may get chilly in the fall

Take the motor out and lube the bearings.

> Console arm rest thingymabob

Can't help.

> Master lock set for doors, boot, glove compartment, the guy i bought it
from couldnt find the key...doh!

There was just a post about this.   Any locksmith can make keys for you, or
there is a guy that can make them from the key number found on the lock
tumbler.  Maybe check the archives for the particulars on this one.

Enjoy this list, but more importantly enjoy your car!

Larry Hoy, Denver, CO USA
1970 MGB Daily Driver ~ 1967 MGB Vintage Racer ~ 1969 MGB Undergoing V8

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