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In all fairness - seller's reply

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Subject: In all fairness - seller's reply
From: Michael Graziano <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 09:14:30 -0400
Mark sent this to the spridget list.  I realized after my posts yesterday
that he's been involved with the spridgets only and not mgs.  But since I
involved you,  here's his response.

<mark snowdon wrote>

To whom it may concern...I am the nefarious swindler that has been
getting so much attention in today's postings. I have not tried to rip
anyone off, but since getting my new job I have been working 14 hour
days in order to get this new yard up off the ground. I get home around
6, grab a bite to eat, pick up the dog, and then go back to work for
another four hours. Micheal, your fan shroud is indeed in my car, in a
box, along with the radiator from the same car, that I am throwing in
for you as you have been so patient. John, I have written your check, as
you had requested, and I have just not posted it yet. Andrew, I could
not get the steering wheel off the column, so you are going to get both
parts as soon as I get to the UPS. These parts were ordered from me
while I was unemployed, and I appreciated very much the assistance that
line members gave me at that time. It was not my intent to scam anyone,
nor is it now. I will make my best effort to get the packages moving
tomorrow. Sorry again for the delay, but I think we all can relate to
work taking over our personal life from time to time. 

I hope that other people on this list will continue to purchase over the
list, as it serves a great way for LBCer's to get together and work
together to save these wonderful cars. 

Thanx for your time.

Mark Snowdon
Greensboro NC

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