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Purchase from List Members

To: MG List <>, mg-t <>
Subject: Purchase from List Members
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 19:27:05 -0700
My $.02 worth:

     I've purchased quite a bit of 'stuff' over the 'net in the past few years,
much of it from fellow list members.  Normal routine is 1) agree on a price; 2)
I mail off a check; 3) the part shows up.  Twice I've experienced a problem
where the part just wasn't right.  In both cases the seller agreed to refund my
money and I returned the part.  Only once was it obvious that the seller waited
until my check cleared before he sent the part (the dates are on the back of the
check).  IMHO, lbc enthusiasts are a unique breed of cat (no thread intended)
and I'm gonna' keep trusting 'em.

Bud Krueger
52TD (Kennebunkport next week)
77MGB (110 miles/day)

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