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Top (Hood) ideas, please

To: MG List <>
Subject: Top (Hood) ideas, please
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 19:39:37 -0700
Hi Listers,

     The present top (hood) on the daily-driver '77 isn't too bad, but it's a
bear to put up and could use a replacement. The latches can only be made to
reach the windscreen by using most of my 6'1" 235# pulling power.  I'm working
on getting the car into a condition that my SO (about 7" and 90# less) can
handle comfortably.  I'm reinstalling the dual/servo brake system so that she
can stop it but I'd hate to see her get caught in the rain.

     Is there a top (hood) that has enough 'give' to it so that it can easily be
latched?  If the weather's dry, the tonneau's being used and, in the winter, I
have the Parrish hardtop. Any suggestions? Ideas?  Experience?  TIA.

Bud Krueger
52TD (Mine)
77MGB (to share)

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