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Front drum cylinder kits

Subject: Front drum cylinder kits
From: "Peter C." <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 14:38:00 -0500
Spridgeteers and MGA'ers,
        The front wheel cylinders currently readily available are made in Italy.
These are sold by many vendors. I had occasion to be involved in finding
repair kits for these. These cylinders DO NOT use the same kits as the
original cylinders. The original cylinders were Lockheed numbers 35000 and
35001 using kit KL71496 consisting of an o-ring and a 15/16" cup fitted
against the inside of the piston.
        These replacement cylinders use the same o-ring but the main seal is a
ring seal that goes around the piston in a groove. What's significant is
that I couldn't locate a source for the kit for these cylinders. Here are
some kits that contain the proper main seal. There maybe (and probably are)
others. All are rear wheel cylinder kits 15/16".
1) 93-99 Toyota T100 4WD, 95-99 T100 2WD, 91-99Runner. Autospecialty
#KW56032, Beck/Arnley #071-7738, EIS #C9910,  NAPA #2126, Raybestos #WK2126. 
2) 93-95 Nissan Pathfinder, 86-89 Pickup (most) A-spec # KW51003, B/A
#071-7602, EIS #C9804, NAPA 1752, Raybestos WK1752.
        That's the end of the popular vehicles.  BTW. The o-ring is ID 1.187" by
.10" cross-section. I can provide other kit numbers as well, but these I
have tried and will work and are by far the most popular of import vehicles.
Autospecialty was helpful digging into this with me. They are part of (and
the US Distributors of) Lucas/Girling now Lucas Varity.
        Anyway... save this info. In 10 years you may need it.
Cheer  Peter C

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