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Re: overheated engine

Subject: Re: overheated engine
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 17:16:04 EDT
In a message dated 5/26/99 2:41:34 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< He doesn't want to rebuild it,
 but wants to sell me another rebuilt for (drum roll) $2000.00 That's US
 dollars. >>

Holy S#!t!!!  Does that include labor and everything?  If not, where can I 
get a solid gold MG engine?  8-)

Seriously, I deal with a shop here in Pittsburgh that sells rebuilt engines - 
warranty and everything.  I just bought a new long block (complete engine 
except pans & pumps) for my Plymouth for $1200.  And that includes a 3 yr/60k 
mile warranty.  

I wanted to rebuild the engine myself, but when I factored in machine shop 
work, the time I had, and the price of new parts only to see I wasn't getting 
a warranty on any of this stuff, it made me go for the new rebuilt.  You 
might want to check your phone book or call around to see if you can find a 
place like this locally.  I figure it'll only take me about a week of work to 
do the swap.  

Anyway, that's one suggestion, take it for what you will.  You will learn a 
lot doing the engine rebuild yourself.  I'm still leaning towards rebuilding 
my 'B engine on my own, only so I can modify it (mmmm... 2.0 liter 
conversion.)  If I run into time constraints, I might end up buying another 
one from this joint.

*usual disclaimers apply - I'm not getting a kickback for saying this*

Mike Lishego 
1974 MGB (Still waiting for that alternator)
1986 Plymouth Turismo (A 2.2 turbo never smelled so good)

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