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Chateau Elan

Subject: Chateau Elan
From: Jeff Boatright <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 1999 23:07:10 +0100

Yes, my wife and I were there with the Sprite. On the placard under "Class"
I entered "Beater".  What were you driving? BTW, you missed Austin-Healey
and Jensen-Healey. There is an high concentration of J-Hs in the metro area
because of the efforts of Bruce Madden and others. I agree, the setting was
nice. There were a lot of MGs, mainly Bs, As, Midgets and lots of T series.
I did not see any Magnettes or later spoort sedans. In all I think there
were close to 600 British cars - really almost too much for the size of the
grounds.  I've heard that the Chateau is getting prickly about having the
cars on the lawn and that this may be the last year up there. It's hard to
imagine another venue of this size being available for this event. OTOH,
maybe another venue would have gymkhanas, etc.

One of the neatest things was tooling up I-85 and randomly being joined by
other Brit iron. By the time we got there (from Emory U) we were in a
caravan with a Lotus Elan, a couple of Bs, an A, and an old Rover (not Land
Rover). That Rover really hauled, we hit 80 several times, which is really
chuffing along for my Sprite and in Atlanta traffic is, shall we say,
exciting. At least I can see under the semi's and SUVs.

The neatest car we saw was an ancient Singer that was literally a barnyard
find. The car had been a chicken coop for over 20 years. It was displayed
basically as found with some resto. The semiphore turn indicators really
worked! I think that feature was highlight of the day for my wife to see in



>Did anyone make it to Chateau Elan car show outside Atlanta besides me?
>What a wonderful day---500 British Cars. Just to name a few marques
>there: MG, Triumph, Austin, Jaguar (even a 24 hour old 1999 sedan-what a
>beauty), Bently, Rolls, Singer, Gordon-Keeble, Land and Range Rover,
>Delorean, Lotus, Morris Minor. And what a perfect setting on the grounds
>of the Chateau Winery and golf course.

Jeff Boatright    __o_\__           '65 Austin-Healey Sprite

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