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British Car Week Report, future thoughts

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Subject: British Car Week Report, future thoughts
From: "Bill Eastman" <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 08:22:15 -0500
I got a slow start to BCW.  It was ugly out Sunday but after that I
haven't fired up the daily driver.  Only about 150 miles so far since
work and kids stuff cuts into the driving time.

On the way home the other day stuck in rush hour traffic, I paused to
study the typical SUV bumper/grill filling my rear view mirror.  I
wondered when the parts houses that supply our habit will have to cave
in to the modern idiom of plastering warnings all over their products
like "Caution, Coffee is Hot" or the classic "Do not pick up mower while

Do you suppose that your next light switch will have, "Caution,
installing this switch in a Lucas wired car could increase the risk of
fire."  After all, why did the first switch die?  Or how about this
message embossed on your next set of repro bumpers- "Caution- Keep
peeling chrome away from children and small dogs"?  That would wow them
at the next car show.  Last but not least is the warning that flashed
through my mind and started this whole train of thought.  All LBC rear
view mirror would feature "Warning, objects appearing in this mirror
could squash you like a bug."

Bill Eastman
61 MGA- defending champion of the Mearns Meander.  The MGA once again
shows the B's, Midgets, and sporadic (or is that spasmatic?) Triumphs
how things should be done.  

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