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OK, I'll bite. Digging deep into the trivial, if 375 bhp cars can ever be 
called trivial, we pull up the late '60s Bizzarini Strada, a lightweight 
Iso Grifo (Chevy V-8, but otherwise very Italian.) and it's scaled-down 
sibling, the late 60's Bizzarini Europa (how this squared with Lotus, I 
have no idea) it was a little fiberglass look-alike with a 1.9 liter (Opel) 

Back to LBCs, I think that TR4s and Innocentni Sprites (the convertibles 
not the coupes) look like they were separated at birth. They don't meet the 
same marque criteria though.

Phil Vanner
been hanging out with the Italian marque clubs too much  lately

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The latest issue of the English Jensen club magazine has a back cover 
of an Austin A-40 Sports and an original Interceptor - they look like 
from the same lab, and would look even more alike if the old Interceptor
didn't have the little grille in the nose of the bonnet (was that an 
later or what development?).

The doors on the Austin apparently fit the Jensen (being made in the same
factory, why not), although the other panels are a bit different.

Quiz time - what other automotive twins can you think of that came in big 
small and looked very much alike (and I don't mean a Triumph Mayflower and 
50s Rolls).
Ground rules - made by the same company.  There may be a bunch these pairs, 
other than the one I am thinking about, so there could be more than one

Over to the trivia buffs.

Bill S.

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