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Re: Boot lock

To: "Feldman, Jack (Jack)" <>
Subject: Re: Boot lock
From: glen <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 18:52:45 -0500
Feldman, Jack (Jack) wrote:

> Even more stupid, when I bought a Post Office Jeep there was no key for it.
> It seems that the PO ordered all the Jeeps with the same lock. Steal one key
> and you could get into every truck! Their next step for them was to drill
> holes in the jeep and use a lock and chain to keep the doors locked.
> Take the lock out of the boot and take it to a locksmith. They should be
> able to make a key for less than the price of a set of locks.
> Jack
it's so comforting to know how safe our mail delivery system is :) 
i actually had a postal jeep not too long ago. very cute vehical to have
and fun to drive around in. ironically enough, i had the key for that
vehical on the same ring as the mg key which i lost. after hotwiring it
for sometime (which is not at all hard to do) i was desparate to have a
key again. in a desparate attempt to find something that would work, i
tried several keys i had and found the key to my "U" shaped bike lock
actually worked in the ignition and drivers side door(right side) but
oddly enough, not in the parcel door on the left. strange. i just
assumed the tumblers were so worn out that it would accept just about
any key.


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