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Subject: Lookalikes-apology!
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 20:16:54 EDT
I stand corrected!  
I should have mentioned that at the time I was making a delivery for an 
import autoparts store (specializing in British of course!) to a local 
Ferrari shop.  Since the owner was a friend of mine, I took a little 
look-see...everything from four-cam V-12's on down, and in a shop so clean 
you could give the "white glove treatment" to even the "dirty tools" and not 
get dirty!  (Side note: they pressure washed everything that came in-very 
nice!)  I was so busy drooling that I didn't take note of what cars were what!

Steve Sanchez
(Obviously an MG fanatic rather than a Ferrari one!)

>Well, I was including the modern derivatives, the 308, 348, 355, etc. Of 
>course they don't have headlight tunnels, nor do they resemble MGs, but 
>my point was that they never had V12s...

>All of the Dino's were equiped with 6 cylinder engines. The V6 engine
>was named after Dino, hence the name of the car.

>>Now don't get carried away! The Dino with the light tunnels (the 206)
>>only has a V6 or later, a V8...

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