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MGV8 speed events at Champagne

Subject: MGV8 speed events at Champagne
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 00:52:49 EDT
The V8s had an enjoyable day at the "retired" Chanute Air Force Base on 

The Champaign County Sports Car Club set up a rather "fast"  autocross where 
most cars ran in the 31 to 33 second range. (Barney Gaylord, autocrosser 
supreme, came down to help out...and ran the his the low 
30s.) He was bested by only 0.001 second by the BV8 of Bill Yobi. 

The Illinois State Police then set up laser and doppler radar on a 
quarter-mile run on one a 5000 foot runway closed for our use. Most V8s ran 
the 1/4 at 93 to 94 mph. Best speed of the day was 102. (The lone MGB 4 
cylinder and a TR6 ran the 1/4 at about 65 mph....the MGA hitting 66mph.)

The only "fatality" of the day was the BV8 of Tim D. of Massachusetts, who 
twisted off the driveshaft about four inches ahead of the rear universal at 
the starting line. Silver Machine Shop of Champaign, IL should have a new 
shaft made for him by noon on Friday.

Fridays activities involve tech sessions.

Those of you in the midwest USA should make the trek to Urbana-Champaign to 
enjoy the rest of the festivities of the 8th annual Champane British Car 
Pieces of Eight!


rick ingram
78 MGB - 69 MGC

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