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Oh No Not Again

Subject: Oh No Not Again
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 13:34:59 +1000
Fellow MG'ers

     In my previous post I mentioned I would let you know what was going on with
my Daily Drive.

Well I have had a little problem.   Driving to work last Friday, I had a 3 Ton
truck pull out of a lane and block my lane.  I swerved to miss him but didn't
quite make it round.   @#$%@#$%@#$%.  I collected the checkerplate step at the
back of the truck with the back, bottom 1/4 of the front guard.  this ripped off
the bottom of the front guard.  the step pressed into the A pillar.  Pussing the
door back slightly.  This spun the car slightly under the back of the truck and
the corner of the truck body, scraped across the top of the door and the top of
the B Pillar, bending the roof frame and tearing the draft strip on the drivers
side of the roof (Missing my head by inches..............) in the process.
Happy 6th wedding anniversary dear, I've crashed the car..... Hmmmmmmm

       After exchanging abuse and adresses.  The damage to the MG was surveyed.
the car was drivable.  So a quick call to my repairer, and my insurance Co.  I
delivered the car to the repairer.  Moday it was assesed by the insurance Co.
$5,600-00 Damage.  Wow..........

     Now for the good news.  firstly I'm ok.  No damage to me apart from
occasional bursts of tears whenever I see the pictures, thats the main thing.
secondly my insurance Co. says No excess needs to be paid and my no claim bonus
is intact.  and last of all my freindly repairer has restructured :-), the bill
so that the insurance Co. pays for a new roof,  This means if I throw in the
diff I get a new Cloth roof with zip out rear window, for the cost of a Vinyl
roof.  Woo Hoo

     My insurance Co. must really be getting sick of me though.  This is the
second time in less than twelve months that some @#$%^&*, has pulled out in
front of me.  Sheesh, its bright red, the headlights are on what do I need a
flashing neon sign.  I'm considering giving up driving the B to work, but i'd
miss it.  oh well I get the car back on Tuesday.  It will be better than it went
in.  The funny story was watching the face of the guy at the SO's Car park when
she drove the Graham Paige to work on Tuesday when we couldn't share a car, and
she wasn't driving in peak hour.

Neil (Nursing a Battered car)
Melbourne, Australia

64 MGB
28 Graham Paige

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