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Re: Parking Lot Dings

Subject: Re: Parking Lot Dings
From: Susan and John Roper <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 11:38:55 -0500
Bill, you really ought to write a book.  I get much benefit out of your tech
revelations, but am finding equal benefit from the tales.  Sorry, out of time,
got to go look for a couple of squeeze bottles.  John wrote:

> << My B had it's nose smushed in by some (explicatives
> >deleted) in a parking lot.  Apparently they thought they could back out of
> >the space...OVER my MGB.  They didn't even leave a number.>>
> My wife's MGC got a bent brand new front bumper from a park-by-ear moron,
> right after we restored the car.
> One guy in university had it figured (and understand, I am not condoning this
> method).
> He was a lab TA in chemistry, and was pissed off that people kept backing
> into his Morris Minor in the parking lot.  He affixed a couple of those lab
> rinse bottles - the Nalgene ones (plastic) with the little spout used for
> squirting water for cleaning glassware, etc., to his front bumper.  He filled
> them up with something, I forget just what, that acted as a rather efficient
> paint remover, so that anytime someone backed into his car, they would also
> administer a punitive squirt of paint remover to the paint work on their own
> car. The harder they hit it, the bigger the spray.
> His theory, with which I admit to having some sympathy, was that as long as
> they didn't transgress by bumping his Morris, they went untouched. The
> self-administered punishment aspect always had some appeal to me. I don't
> know whether it acted as a deterrent or not; more likely the people later
> wondered who had vandalised theior cars, which robs the whole thing of some
> of the irony, I guess.
> Of course this was also the guy that rolled his Minor in the snow (gently) on
> the way to university, with his whole car pool in it. The soon to be ex-car
> pool, after extricating themselves (no seat belts, remember, just a clump of
> about 6 disgruntled students on the now bottom most roof of the Minor),
> apparently suitably berated both car and driver.  Wish I'd been there to see
> it.
> Bill S.

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