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Parking Lot Dings

Subject: Parking Lot Dings
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 10:53:22 EDT
<< My B had it's nose smushed in by some (explicatives
>deleted) in a parking lot.  Apparently they thought they could back out of
>the space...OVER my MGB.  They didn't even leave a number.>>

My wife's MGC got a bent brand new front bumper from a park-by-ear moron, 
right after we restored the car.

One guy in university had it figured (and understand, I am not condoning this 
He was a lab TA in chemistry, and was pissed off that people kept backing 
into his Morris Minor in the parking lot.  He affixed a couple of those lab 
rinse bottles - the Nalgene ones (plastic) with the little spout used for 
squirting water for cleaning glassware, etc., to his front bumper.  He filled 
them up with something, I forget just what, that acted as a rather efficient 
paint remover, so that anytime someone backed into his car, they would also 
administer a punitive squirt of paint remover to the paint work on their own 
car. The harder they hit it, the bigger the spray.

His theory, with which I admit to having some sympathy, was that as long as 
they didn't transgress by bumping his Morris, they went untouched. The 
self-administered punishment aspect always had some appeal to me. I don't 
know whether it acted as a deterrent or not; more likely the people later 
wondered who had vandalised theior cars, which robs the whole thing of some 
of the irony, I guess.

Of course this was also the guy that rolled his Minor in the snow (gently) on 
the way to university, with his whole car pool in it. The soon to be ex-car 
pool, after extricating themselves (no seat belts, remember, just a clump of 
about 6 disgruntled students on the now bottom most roof of the Minor), 
apparently suitably berated both car and driver.  Wish I'd been there to see 

Bill S.

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