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Re: Hot brakes

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Subject: Re: Hot brakes
From: "Andrew Errington" <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 17:42:03 -0700

I replaced the hubs and bearings about 4 months ago, and they were properly
packed then.  I didn't lose any when I whipped them off to change the
rotors, but then I didn't add any grease at that point either.

Maybe they're just bedding in.


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> << They don't seem to be binding when the car is rolling along, and they
>  certainly work to stop the car, so am I worrying unnecessarily? >>
> Did you check or replace your wheel bearings?  If you just
> replaced them, did
> you pack them with fresh grease?  A wheel bearing can also create
> excessive
> heat as you described.  If you don't know when your bearings were last
> replaced, go ahead and spring for new ones.  $40 bearings are
> much cheaper
> than $90+ hubs if your bearings sieze...
> Just a thought...
> Put the car in neutral, with the engine off, and push it back and
> forth.  If
> you hear noise, try to determine whether it's coming from your brakes or
> hubs.  Put the e-brake on, and try rocking the front wheel back
> and forth on
> both sides of the car.  If it wobbles, you might need new bearings...
> Mike Lishego
> 1974 MGB (Still holding down that precious garage space)
> 1986 Plymouth Turismo (Holding down the other precious garage space)

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