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Re: Midget Shonhorn fit?

Subject: Re: Midget Shonhorn fit?
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 01:21:11 GMT
>I am new to the list and am contemplating purchasing a Midget as a second
>car and play toy. I have always been drawn to these cars but have never
>owned one. My question to the group, I am 6' 2" and about 250lbs. will I
>even fit in one? If I fit will I be comfortable on afternoon drives in the
>country? Would a MGB be a better alternative for a guy my size? Please slam
>me with your opinions especialy if you are about my same size.
>Thanks for the help,

Personally, having driven a couple of midgets only briefly, I find the leg
room lacking, and I'm only 5'10". For a short drive you'd probably be OK,
but one reason I opted for a B is leg room. You also might have trouble
with your head sticking up into the wind a bit more than you'd like.

78 B

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