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Re: Lookalikes

Subject: Re: Lookalikes
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 11:00:04 EDT
Bill - you have seen my new car!!!

>>>>On 5/29/99 10:53 AM so and so ( said. (And I quote:)

><<But back to the LBC's...what about the striking similarity (for me at 
>of the MGB and a Ferrari Dino (I think, the one that has the same light 
>tunnels, modified vertical wings, and the four cam V-12! {WOW!}).>>
>Uhh - a little heavily into the suds there Steve?  And the Dino wasn't  a 12 
>cylinder - it was the baby of the family and not even actually a Ferrari. In 
>fact, if it resembles anything, it is my Fiero - there is a body kit that 
>replaces the (all plastic) Fiero panels and the result looks almost right - 
>windshield angle etc. very close.  But MGB?  Hmm.
>On the other hand, the 240Z had MGB headlamp surrounds.......

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