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re:weber manifold

Subject: re:weber manifold
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 11:00:06 EDT
I always wondered about this. My Midget 1500 engine, as stock, Had the 
coolant running through the intake manifold. Under on ZS carb. When I out 
headers on - when the cat failed, I cut that part out of the loop. Then 
when I put a Weber and Pierce mainfold on the connection was there. To 
save the life of me I do not remember why I took it out when I put the 
headers on. I just remember that I did. On the stock intake It ran from 
the very front to the back. On the Pierce it is like a small "T" that is 
just under the carb. WHat, exactly does heating - or cooling this under 
the carb really do?


>>>>On 5/29/99 6:21 PM so and so (Calvin Krug) said. (And I quote:)

>>I have a 70B with the Weber DGV and Pierce manifold and have the
>>opportunity to replace the manifold with a TWM manifold. The TWM has a
>>vacuum port and the manifold heater that splices between the heater hose. I
>>need a vacuum port and have been unable to find a bushing that fits the
>>plug on the Pierce.
>>Anybody know if the manifolds performance is similar and would the manifold
>>heater aid fuel atomization or is it just a heater for warm-up?
>IMHO,I don't think the coolant flowing through the manifold would be of
>much help at startup, since the coolant will be cold.  It might prevent
>vapor lock by carrying away some of the heat absorbed from the exhaust
>manifold, though. I could be wrong.
>Calvin Krug

Larry Macy
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