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Re: Midget Shonhorn fit?

Subject: Re: Midget Shonhorn fit?
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 21:16:32 GMT

I just call 'em like I see 'em. My legs feel funnily cramped in a Midget, a
problem I never had with my Spitfire (which I drove 1800 miles in less than
two days, three separate times)(the problem in those is elbow room). Maybe
there was something wrong with the seatrails, and they wouldn't slide all
the way back?

I have to admit though, that Triumph 1500 engine really is a gem.

Seriously, the only way to know how any car will fit you is to drive it...


>BOO HISS Bad answer!!!
>I have had a Midget for nearly 22 years and I fit it like a fine driving
>glove. I am 6'1 nearly 200lbs daily driver. Short drive smort drive . I
>drove the durn car 2300 miles in 2 weeks and have yet to feel the ill
>effects. Head smead you sit so low in the car you are probably more
>likely to have a prob with the steering wheel than the top of the
>Just another B owner putting down a car that out handles and out
>accerlates them.
>78 Midget
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