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Re: Down to earth

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Subject: Re: Down to earth
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 19:23:56 -0500
There are grounds in the trunk too, for the lights, and in the dash, under
the steering colum, everywhere there are electrical components, actually.
You DO have a Haynes or Bentley with wiring diagrams, don't you? For us non
Elec.Engineers, they can be a pain to read, but if you stare at them long
enough...some of it makes sense. I'd start by checking the grounds for the
guages under the dash. You also have a multimeter, right? The only reason I
have any idea about this stuff is that the US Army, in it's infinite wisdom,
chose to turn me into a Signal officer from a perfectly good tanker...and I
had some classes. Go figure...but I learned a thing or two about electrical
troubleshooting thanks to the Signal Corps! :)
73 B

My question is,where are all of the ground points
>on a 71 MGB? The only ones I am familiar with are the battery earth, the
>engine ground on motor mount, and the ground behind the drivers side side
>panel. I forgot to mention that I alsdo lost my map/courtesy light. Ideas

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