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TD Radiator Support

Subject: TD Radiator Support
From: Gordon Wright <>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 08:32:42 +0800
Hi Bud
I asked this question some twelve months ago on the other list and got
three different suggestions, work that out.
I finally fitted the support with the longer downward edge to the front;
last week I tried to fit the bonnet
(hood)and had a lot of problems so I reversed the support to perhaps move
radiator slightly forward but did not 
achive anything. Have since gone back to the original with long edge
forward. I did trim some metal off of the ends of this support that I could
move radiator more side ways if needed.
I have not been able to find any definite photos of this support clearly
exposed but if you look very closely in the MG workshop manual you will be
satisfied that long edge goes to the front.
Dont you always find that these hard questions are left out of any
restoration handbook?

Gordon Wright
New Lodge Motel
PO Box 643
Katanning  6317
Western Australia

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