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HELP with rings etc. 1275 midget (and a new car!)

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Subject: HELP with rings etc. 1275 midget (and a new car!)
From: "Palmer Family" <>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 11:46:27 -0700
I just got the head back from the machince shop ($275). He welded the
cracks, put new stem seals, new hardened valves and seats, and planed it.  I
put it back on and still produces a very unhealthy cloud of Blue smoke.
Compression is a suspect too, I got 110, 90, 90, 110psi.

I now know that I need to do rings.  My though was that I would just pull
the head again and drop the pan and pull the piston out (engine still in the

I need some advice on how, where, and how much new rings would cost me(oil +

Also, how much a new set of pistons is, just so I know in case.

Another question, how would I go about measuring to get the right sized
rings?  I have micrometers....


P.S.  I broke down a month ago and bought a back up car for the garage
ridden midget, It's a 66 VW Baja bug.  It's also my offroad car instead of a

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