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Confessions of a lurker....

Subject: Confessions of a lurker....
From: "Steven Miller" <>
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 15:35:46 PDT
Hello all,
  I just wanted to drop a note to thank all of you.  I have now owned my car 
for just over a year.  It is a 74 Midget, chrome and all.  I have put over 
8,000 miles on it and let me tell you, there is nothing like this car.  
Friends and family find it extremely humorous that I have finally found a 
car that I plan on keeping for life!
  Whats been done to it you ask? in the last twelve months I have replaced, 
water pump, master and slave cylinder on the clutch,and changed oil.  God I 
love this car.  I just got back from another 200 mile day, through the 
Adirondack park in upstate New York, yep that is in the USA.  There is 
nothing like driving this car on two lane highways in the middle of nowhere 
:)  So since I cannot seem to keep on track, lets see, 1275 cc motor(might 
be original)  99,560 miles on the car, leaks a little oil, dual SU's Idle is 
about 600 RPM and a little rough smooths out at 750.  for a 24 year old car 
this thing runs like a dream.  Quick I need some wood to knock on.
  To let you all know, I have had many of the problems that others have 
brought up, and want to thank you for all the advice.  Everything from the 
loose fuse (number 3) wich controls the wipers, tach etc. to the advice on 
how to bleed the master cylinder on my clutch.  Thankyou all for keeping my 
car going......

Steve Miller
74 Mg Midget (Midge not a creative name but a happy car)
82 Chrysler Lebaron convertible (Tug, cannot get out of its own way)

P.S. Think of it as evolution in action.......

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