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Re: Need help in Albuquerque

To: "Joanna Adler" <>
Subject: Re: Need help in Albuquerque
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 1999 12:04:41 +1000

>freeway and sounded much like a blown head.  And in fact there were no
>compressions in two of the four cylinders.  I left the car with him

You lost coolant is that why the new head gasket? Are you still loosing
coolant? What reason did the Mechanic give you for the head gasket failure
and the need to change it in the first place?

>been in were from an earlier model and thus too small, which in turn
>caused my breakdown.  Well, my question is whether the valve situation
>should have been seen when the head was off the first time.  He says no.

Hmm!! Too small? As in the the valves were from the earlier head - 1.56"
inlets, 1.344" Exhaust? Someone correct me if I'm wrong as my knowledge of
later cars is limited, but I thought the only change in valve size came in
the 18V motor that upped the inlet valve to 1.63" or something, and they
went BACK to 1.56" later on in the MGB life to regain torque....? I would
have thought a 79 should have the smaller inlet valves -?

If that statement is correct then your cylinder head should have the smaller
of the two types of valves, therefore what the mechanic says doesn't hold
water. The valve seats need to be cut specifically to fit a certain valve
size. I find it really hard to believe that you conked out on the motorway
some time AFTER the head work as I presume it was running fine prior to
this?. With incorrect valves in there, the motor wouldn't have run properly
from the first moment you turned the key... I would suggest something else
went wrong, he stuffed up the head gasket install etc, or you blew another
head gasket, you are losing water & overheating etc.

What did this guy bill you for? New valves etc?

Anyone else?

Neil Cotty - Sydney, Australia
1970 MG B GT        / 1961 MG A 1600 Mk1 / 1956 AH 100 BN2
GHD5UA200702G /  YGHN2 100102-1399 / BN2L-232789

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