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MGA Tires: What kind???

Subject: MGA Tires: What kind???
Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 23:33:15 EDT
Hi everyone, 
        Everything is going well on the "get the MGA roadworthy and
street-legal" project.  I should be done by Saturday so I can get used to
the car before the autocross on Sunday.  However, I still need to know
what size tires an MGA with original steel disc wheels should use and
what kind is good.  I don't know _anything_ about tires besides brand
names that I recognize.  Anyone with an MGA, please tell me what kind you
use and prefer.  My price range is anything reasonable.  $400 is probably
the limit, and if they cost that much I'd better not have to replace them
for a LONG time.  
        So, if you have an MGA, please tell me what kind/ size tires you
Thanks much,
Parker Whiteway
57 MGA  roadster  (now if the solder would stick to the wires instead of
the solder gun, then I would be done today!)

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