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Re: New MGA owner needs guidance...

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Subject: Re: New MGA owner needs guidance...
Date: Tue, 22 Jun 1999 15:52:36 -0700 (PDT) (22:52 UT)
>2) the front end 'porpoises' - I suspect the dampers - how can I check them
 while they are still on the car?

< 3) the wheel shakes between 60-65 mph - any suggestions?

 Same answer for both:  One or both front shocks have bled out their
life juices.  Long-term, replace with new or rebuilt.  Since they're
very expensive, turn the steering wheel all the way over.  Go to side
towards which you turned the wheel.  Hang your trouble light on the
headlight wire.  Get a wire brush and brush well the top of the Armstrong
lever-action shock absorber.  Get a 13mm socket (Wrong size.  It's
Whitworth, but 13mm will just barely fit) and undo the nut you see at
the top of the shock.  Get some 15 weight motorcycle fork oil, or
some 15 wt jack oil.  If you can't get those, try the lightest crankcase
oil you can find, 5-30wt fer instance.  Get a little pump-style oil can
with a fine tip (Pep Boys!).  Squirt in two or three squirts.  Bounce that
corner of the car four or five times.  Squirt in some more.  Bounce.
Squirt.  Bounce.  Squirt.  Bounce. Squirt.  Put the nut back into
place.  Repeat with the other shock.  Repeat as needed.

I did all this on Tintin this morning, I know the drill!  Milou needs it,
too.  Woe is me.   Good luck!
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