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Re: gearbox oil

Subject: Re: gearbox oil
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 02:05:35 EDT
>Larry writes:
I> just came in on the tail of this conversation...
>What is the wisdom on using/ not using Redline MTL in an
>MGB O/D tranny?
IN a standard trans, no problem
NO WAY in an overdrive should you use anything but engine oil, according to 
both the manuals then and now, Moss, and Volvo, who use the same OD
The synthetics and extra additives that may seem like such a good idea 
actually make the OD clutches TOO lubricated, causing serious slippage and 
eventual failure.
The additive packages and low-temp thickening properties of 80w/90 gear oil 
make it unsuitable as well
Sometimes it's just best not to try to be too creative.

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