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Re: gearbox oil

Subject: Re: gearbox oil
From: Graham McCann <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 20:38:00 +1000
If this advice is correct why does the MGB GT V8 carry a factory
specification of 80W/90 gear oil, as does a number of the Triumph models
(including those with overdrive)?  The GT V8 gearbox is near enough to
identical to the box used on the 4 cylinder models.  At the same time (1973
to 1976) the four cylinder recommendation remained at engine oil.  Was it
because 80W/90 stood up to the hard work better in a V8.  If so then that
is a good reason to use it.

I have owned four MGB GT V8s and five four cylinder MGBs so I should have
some idea what I am talking about.

97 MGF 

At 02:05 am 14/7/99 EDT, wrote:
>>Larry writes:
>I> just came in on the tail of this conversation...
>>What is the wisdom on using/ not using Redline MTL in an
>>MGB O/D tranny?
>IN a standard trans, no problem
>NO WAY in an overdrive should you use anything but engine oil, according to 
>both the manuals then and now, Moss, and Volvo, who use the same OD
>The synthetics and extra additives that may seem like such a good idea 
>actually make the OD clutches TOO lubricated, causing serious slippage and 
>eventual failure.
>The additive packages and low-temp thickening properties of 80w/90 gear oil 
>make it unsuitable as well
>Sometimes it's just best not to try to be too creative.
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