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Re: I'm going to buy this MGB!

Subject: Re: I'm going to buy this MGB!
From: patrick bailey <>
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1999 07:02:08 -0700
I'm going to go back east and sell my
car...$5500????with rust????
Heres is just a sample of MGs for sale
in the recycler in southern
california....which usually means no

79 MGB new paint $2000

77 MGB immac $1500

75 MGB rebuilt engine new clutch $2100

77 MGB new brakes $1500

70 MGBGT $1000

Now I haven't seen these cars but they
are nowhere near $5500,out here you can
get a totally restored CHROME bumper MG
for $5500!My son just got a 70 GT with
OD that WAS running (until he wrecked it
)for $500.I would pass on this take a
vacation out here and buy a rust free
car for less than 1/2 and spend the rest
on the vacation.
Pat just my .02 worth

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