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Re: Learning Process

To: <>
Subject: Re: Learning Process
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 15:36:48 +1000

> Hey Neil, only 5500?  My "A" goes to about 7400 before it goes into valve
> float.

Stop braggin'!! <G> I am too scared to push her past there, even though my
oil pressure is stock! I will try 6000rpm tonight just for you I promise! ;)
It does get pretty thrashy around 5500rpm, and the tacho seems to hesistate
a bit making me wonder if I'm actually hitting higher than that because of
some problem with the tacho/drive. Before I found the lead problem it would
sort of very slightly judder around 4800-5500. It doesn't do that anymore,
it really assaults to 5500rpm but it still doesn't sound super super smooth
higher than that. I figured 6000rpm would be the limit for a std A, is that
not the case? Did the std A *really* rev much past 6000rpm Barney - or are
you pulling my leg?  <G>

I still need to get a new coil for her as the one in the car came off my B
and it was 29 years young. At least it was younger that the 39 year old one
it replaced!! I held the funeral last weekend. lol! Don't know if the coil
or the stuffed dizzy would affect high RPM operation (guess the coil would)
or if it could be something else. It doesn't have the best compression
pressures in 1 & 2 so that won't help.. Either way, I'm thrilled at the way
it's going now. It's incomparable to the way it was a year ago. It will be
even better when I fit the rebuilt head I got for $100 complete with valves
etc. :)

Gotta, musta, haveta do the brakes on her next so I can keep beating on her!
;) It's mid winter here, and I still drive her home at night top down (not
like it's snowing or anything) but geez, you want to see the looks people
give you. Like you must be a Eskimo, or as one yobbo yelled out the window
to me a while back 'Ya cold in there matey??'. Another idiot yelled out to
me 6 months ago - 'Just wait till Winter, you won't be driving it then you
w*nker!). Nice..

Geez I love the comments my car gets. ;) Actually the only nice ones come
from <10yr olds.. "Wow Mr. thats a beautiful car", "Wheeeeeee!!!" etc etc.


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