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Learning Process

To: <>
Subject: Learning Process
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 10:37:26 +1000
Hi all,

As you know I like to admit my stupid mistakes to the list, or rather my own
learning process about my cars so here goes.

Couple of days ago I decided to give the A a tweak as I hadn't checked it
for about 3,000 miles. I have new points, condensor, cap, plug leads,
needles, plugs etc on this car. My timing is set to 12degrees BTDC dynamic.
She doesn't like any more advance, I think (know) my dizzy is toast (new one
on the way) as there is substantial vertical movement and some amount of
horizontal (ooeerr). <G> I think the springs are stuffed as well, and it's
advancing too much too early. Well anyway, I discovered I'd been running a
little too rich so I leaned her off, and had an almost perfect rock idle at
900rpm where I like to run her. I was impressed, took her round the block
seemed great. As a lark I decided to do that test of pulling the plugs off
one by one with the motor running. 1,2 & 4 all reduced the idle
significantly but 3 hardly dropped it at all! Good grief. I couldn't imagine
how I didn't notice this. I mean the idle was great, power was fine etc etc.
When I pulled the plug lead from the cap, the lead came away in my hand with
the connector still in the cap, and this with a new cap and leads! Anyway,
after I'd fixed the lead and put it all back together.. Woweee.. Talk about
a difference. It's funny how it wasn't really noticeable before, I mean it
was firing, just not ALL the time. Goes like stink now, really does. These
cars are little gems I tell ya. :) God I want a Twin Cam. <G>

Hey Barney it now goes to 5500 without a complaint. <G> I think I MAY have
found my problem.. :)


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