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Subject: Vroom!
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 09:45:20 +1000
Hi all,

Well I had a productive weekend working on the A. I installed the new custom
built Bosch distributor I got from Hans Pedersen at hi-flow (which is almost
50% bigger btw), a new Bosch coil, new leads, oil & filter change, retuned
carbs. Also pulled the carbs off to fix the problem with the throttle plate
on the front carb not sealing. Improved it 50% but couldn't solve it
entirely - looks like it needs a new plate. Strange actually. That or there
is a problem with the bore of the carb itself, the plate *appears* ok.

But woweee and the point of the Email. This new distributor has totally
changed the car. I've got wheelspin and power induced oversteer in 2nd gear
corners! <G> The power has improved 10% at least with the new distibutor in
just pure acceleration, but the flexibility has improved 100%, there is now
power from virtually 1300rpm to 5500rpm, the vacumn advance really works
well in this dist, the motor always feeling peppy and eager. I'm absolutely
rapt! No pinging anywhere! This has way more power set at 10degrees btdc
than the car had at 20btdc on the std dist. (with ping, ping pinging) so
it's tempting to play with it further! In combination with Hans' airfilters
the performance increase is amazing and no this isn't a plug for his
products (altho it reads like it!), it really is amazing. :) I've been
running the car recently without airfilters while I've been fine tuning her
and good grief, I find it amazing that putting this air filter ON when there
is no airfilter (just ram tubes) - actually improves performance so much.
Must be a turbulence issue I guess.  Anyway, I've been absolutely
*thrashing* this car the last two days and after a 'beating' <G>, she'll
return to idle at 800rpm dead smooth. A gem. Finally I can drive this car
with the right foot if you know what I mean. I guess some would say I should
drive the car like an old car, what it is etc - nut's to them! lol! The car
feels reliable enough to drive every day, and now the weather is getting
better, (oops and once I renew the brake rotors) I don't think I'll be
taking the 626 out very often! <G>

BTW I still want,desire,musthave a Twin Cam, any donations please forward to
me. ;)) <G>


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